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The RCI by Metro tables reveal individual metropolitan region capacity profiles. For each metropolitan area, selected using the alphabetized lists at the left, the profile provides in the top boxes the full metropolitan name, region and population size classifications, and summary RCI ranks. Data in the table provide z-scores and ranks for the RCI Overall and its three component dimensions plus individual indicator z-scores and ranks of the 361 metropolitan regions in the resilience capacity analysis.
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Abilene, TX

Region: South Pop Size Class: Small

Overall RCI Rank: 252 (out of 361)

Rank in Region: 72 (out of 147)

Rank in Pop Size Class: 115 (out of 183)

Z-Score Rank (out of 361)
Overall RCI -0.20 252
Z-Score Rank
Regional Economic Capacity 0.47 59
Income Equality 0.76 83
Economic Diversification 0.70 102
Regional Affordability 1.15 42
Business Environment -0.74 314
Z-Score Rank
Socio-Demographic Capacity -0.35 244
Education Attainment -0.57 270
Without Disability -0.57 263
Out of Poverty 0.17 163
Health-Insured -0.43 256
Z-Score Rank
Community Connectivity Capacity -0.71 308
Civic Infrastructure 0.14 124
Metropolitan Stability -1.51 334
Homeownership -0.38 252
Voter Participation -1.10 310
The RCI was developed by the University at Buffalo Regional Institute, State University of New York.