BRR Research on Foreclosures Wins Award

9.11.2012 | Kudos to our own Todd Swanstrom. The urban politics section of the American Political Science Association named his paper on foreclosures the best paper at their 2011 conference in Seattle.

As the award committee noted:

“Divorcing Power and Responsibility: How National Policies Have
Shaped Local Policy Responses to Foreclosures” provides both a comprehensive and illuminating accounting of the effects that the foreclosure crisis has had on places and a fascinating review of the issues involved in preventing foreclosures.

It also provides a useful framework for discussion via the use of “resiliency” as an intriguing conceptual lens.

Committee members especially appreciated the development of the “resiliency of place” idea as well as the paper’s arguments about federal and state policies providing (or failing to provide) “opportunity space” for local resilience.”

The paper has been published in revised form in: “Resilience in the Face of Foreclosures: How National Actors Shape Local Responses,” in Urban and Regional Policy and Its Effects, edited by Margaret Weir, Nancy Pindus, and Howard Wial (Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press, 2012), pp. 60-99.
Read more from Swanstrom:

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