Update: More cities added to demographic maps

We blogged on June 30 about the fascinating (not to mention useful) maps that the Center for Urban Research at CUNY had developed. Well, good news. They’ve added more cities. Now in addition to Chicago and New York City, you can see the racial-ethnic change between 2000 and 2010 for Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Detroit, Houston, LA, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

They’ve also added some features that make visualizing the change even easier, including:

One of the map’s creators, Steven Romalewski, discusses the updates here.

What strikes me in looking at all the cities is how relatively little the “older” northern cities such as Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia have changed in ten years compared with the population hotspots in the south and southwest of Atlanta, Phoenix, Orlando, and Charlotte. While each of these metro areas is changing in different ways, the overall shift is a dispersal of racial-ethnic minorities outward from the central hub. That story is very obvious in Atlanta, but also in Charlotte and Orlando.

It’s hard not to spend hours on these maps, zooming in to certain neighborhoods or back out to the big-picture shifts. Amazing work by the team at the Center for Urban Research.

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