Doris Marie Provine

Doris Marie Provine (immigration, Pheonix case study)
Professor in the School of Justice and Social Inquiry
School of Social Transformation, Arizona State University
Website: ASU

Doris Marie Provine studies immigration law and policy, particularly the issues surrounding unauthorized immigration. Currently she is principal investigator in an National Science Foundation study of local immigration policing. More broadly, she is interested in how localities in the United States, Canada, and Mexico are dealing with tensions between local membership in communities and legal status and how communities are positioning themselves to address immigration in an increasingly global market.

She is the author of “Unequal Under Law: Race and the War on Drugs (University of Chicago Press, 2007), which examines the legal and political dilemmas raised by racialized patterns of enforcement of state and federal drug laws. Before joining the ASU faculty, she taught political science at Syracuse University. Provine holds graduate degrees in law and political science from Cornell University.