Resilience in the Face of Foreclosures: Lessons from Local & Regional Practice

By Todd Swanstrom and James Brooks (National League of Cities,  November 2010).

“Resilience in the Face of Foreclosures: Lessons from Local and Regional Practice,” highlights the ways in which cities and counties, and their elected local leaders, are successfully responding to the continuing waves of home mortgage foreclosures, vacant properties and destabilized neighborhoods.

The foreclosure crisis is an opportunity to reorient housing strategies to focus on creating and supporting neighborhoods that offer residents an attractive place to live.  The Building Resilient Regions Network, funded by the MacArthur Foundation through the University of California at Berkeley, is developing applied knowledge about how regions can be resilient in the face of significant challenges, such as foreclosures, rapid immigration and economic restructuring.  Covering six metropolitan areas, St. Louis, Atlanta, Chicago, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Cleveland and Riverside-San Bernardino, the report offers a summary of significant strategies that help mitigate the foreclosure challenge and set the stage for initiatives designed to revitalize the neighborhoods that have been adversely impacted.